Visit to a snake farm in Bangkok


Saying goodbye to Thailand by visiting a snake farm.

On October 17 we returned to Bangkok to stay until the 21st, the day we ran out of visas. We took the opportunity to visit a snake farm and a red light district.

The snake farm was much more amazing than I had expected. We saw cobras, pythons and all sorts of snakes that I can’t classify. They even let us take a picture with a giant python.

We were the last ones to take the picture and the python, already a little tired, began to whistle and to look at us with a bad face, it was a very difficult moment. Here I leave you a link where you will find a video and more information about the snake farm.

Red Street – Visit to a red light district in Bangkok

We were also able to say goodbye to the capital of Thailand and the people we had met there. Especially Mick and Akino, two very good new friends of CouchSurfing. On the last day, we met both of them, as they were also mutual friends of Couchsurfing.

Mick, a Canadian boy living in Thailand for years, told us: “If you haven’t been on a Red Street yet, today you have to go. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t, but if you’re in Thailand, it’s one of those things to see.

“I’ve never been there either” said Akino, a Thai girl nicer than bread. So we all ended up being curious. We only spent an hour watching a show. Some things weren’t pretty to see and others were pretty funny, but as Mick rightly said, “it’s for you to see.

Then we went back to our favorite street, Khao San Road. There many crazy backpackers celebrate their first day in Thailand and many others, like us, celebrate their last day.

On the 21st, we also said goodbye to Xavi and Rober (great travelling companions with whom we have lived moments that I will never forget) as they were returning to Spain.

Sergio and I, for our part, took a plane to Vietnamese lands. Specifically to Ho Chi Minh, formerly Saigon, the largest city in Vietnam. Our journey had only just begun.

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Author: Marcos Silva

Hi! I'm Marcos. One summer day I decided to go on a trip around Asia to see the world and I liked it so much that I ended up staying. Almost without realizing it, I have been in Asia for 7 years, of which I have spent most of my time living in China and traveling to countries like Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, India... Now I dedicate myself to writing on the travel blog and organizing routes around China where I also guide.

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