Story of a trip to Asia without a return ticket

My name is Marcos Silva and I am from Tarragona, Spain.

After finishing my Master’s Degree in Secondary Education, I decided to leave the competitive examinations for another year and went with some friends to see a little of the world. We spent three months travelling through Thailand, Vietnam and Laos until our paths separated. My friends returned to Spain and I opted to go to China alone, specifically to the province of Yunnan.

I was living with monks for a month and then started working as an extra for a Chinese TV series. I liked it so much that I finally started studying Chinese and stayed there.

Almost without realizing it, I’ve been living in China for 7 years now and traveling through most of Asia. I earn my living teaching languages and guiding Yunnan whenever I can. I currently reside in Kunming, Yunnan Province, which I consider to be the most charming province in all of China.

This blog is written to have a good souvenir of all my travels and also to lend a hand to all those who dare to visit Asia.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help on your trip to Asia. And if you have any blog advice, recommendation or constructive criticism, please write to me. If you also have a travel blog and want to share it, you can also send me a message:

I hope you enjoy the blog.


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