Party in Bangkok: Khao San Road and RCA

Party in Bangkok: Khao San Road

As it could not be otherwise, just get to Bangkok I went to Khao San Road, one of the most famous streets for backpackers throughout Asia and an ideal place to party in Bangkok.

After 4 years I was quite changed, with big hotels, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. but the atmosphere remained the same. In the afternoon I arrived to Khao San so I didn’t have time to visit anything that day. I went to dinner alone and immediately met a group of very nice Chileans who had just arrived in Bangkok for the first time. Soon we were joined by some Americans from the next table and after dinner we continued the party together.

In Khao San you don’t have to go into the bars if you don’t feel like it, the party is in the street. You only have to go wandering to the sound of the music and stopping in front of the bars that are more animated. In Khao San Road they play discotheque music, whereas Ram Buttri’s parallel street is more of live music.

Somewhere in the night I lost them all. It started raining and everyone started dancing in the rain. I met some very nice canaries and I stayed with them until the forces told us enough, if I remember correctly, it would be when the music ended.

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¿Where to stay in Khao San Road?

In and around Khao San street you will find all kinds of hotels. From backpacker hostels for 4-5 euros a night in a dormitory to large hotels with a pool in the attic. If you want to stay in the same Khao San street, I like them better: Dang Derm Khaosan or Dang Derm in the Park and Khao San Palace. All three have a penthouse with a pool and cost about 20 euros a night.

If you don’t want to stay in the same street of Khao San because of the noise you can stay in Ram Buttri street, the street parallel to Khao San and a bit less busy than it.

Sightseeing around Khao San

Right next to Khao San Road there is a river that runs through most of the city. With a big hangover I went to take a look and discovered that there was a boat that for only 40 bahts (1 euro) crossed the entire river and stopped at different places.

I ran up in one and then got off again to visit China Town. Packed with flea markets, food stalls and shops with boards in Chinese and Thai I found nothing special to mention. I got back on the boat and this time I got off in the Grand Palace area. There was a huge queue so I went from entering and took a walk in the park across the street.

After a while I went back to the boat. I sat down to walk along the river until I got tired and returned to Khao San Road. From there I took a tuc-tuc to Golden Mountain (Wat Saket). To my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be one of the best temples I have found in Bangkok; quiet, beautiful and with beautiful views of the skyscrapers of the city. Without a doubt, if you pass by Khao San Street, you have to go.

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Party in Bangkok: Royal City Avenue (RCA)

The night came back and I found myself animated again. This time I met Mick, a Canadian friend and Akino, a Thai friend, who I met the first time I came to Thailand with my friends from Spain.

They took me to another famous party area in Bangkok, the RCA area: Royal City Avenue. This area is totally different from Khao San. It’s a street full of big clubs that close much later than the bars on Khao San Street. Many people start the party in Khao San and then end it in RCA. If, on the other hand, you start the party in RCA, in these discos what people usually do is buy a whole bottle from a few.

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Next Destination: From Bangkok to Suran Thani

The next day, after overcoming the hangover, I still had time to visit the Lumpini Park which is in the heart of the city. It’s interesting to go to see one-meter-long lizards walking by your side in silence, while in the distance, you see people running everywhere.

At night I went to the south of Thailand, to Surat Thani. I had planned to stay 10 days in a temple learning Vipassana Meditation. In my life I had done meditation but I had already met a few people who had told me that it was a unique experience, because for example, in those 10 days, you are forbidden to talk to anyone. You’re just fighting your thoughts. Here I tell you about my experience doing Vipassana Meditation.

Life must be lived.

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