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Beginning of the Blog No Apparent Destiny

After 5 days in Thailand, today begins this blog titled No Apparent Destiny. The blog is for interested people to see how the trip is going. 

It also serves to inform all those adventurers who think about visiting these lands, for those curious who like to read and learn about other cultures and, finally, to have a nice memory of this adventure through Southeast Asia. 

The idea of going to Southeast Asia

Our journey began one day on a beach in Tarragona, specifically on the beach of La Mora, during the dead hours working as a lifeguard. That day we were talking about some people’s trips and others’ trips. From nowhere came the subject of how great it would be to mount a trip to Thailand among a few lifeguards.

From that very moment on, it was impossible to get that idea out of your head. Little by little a silly conversation between friends began to turn into a plan and a reality. Who knows if this trip could change our lives, or, if that were not the case, at least, we would surely live a great experience.

Without thinking twice, Sergio and I ended up buying a ticket from Barcelona to Bangkok. A week later, Xavi joined the trip despite his initial doubts. And finally, Rober, seeing the plan, couldn’t resist either.

We would leave on September 20, 2011 with a one-way ticket. We thought we would first travel a whole month in Thailand and then stay in Southeast Asia for a few months.  The plan was open, nothing was certain.

From now on we will try to publish new entries on a weekly basis. I hope to be able to inform you about this wonderful country and update you about our trip. We go No Apparent Destiny, first Thailand, and then whatever comes next.

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