February 26, 2021
Costa Central de Vietnam - Mui Ne - Pueblo pescadores

Central Coast of Vietnam: The best beaches and places to see

Mui Ne and Nha Trang; the best beaches on the Central Coast of Vietnam

We spent a week traveling along the Central Coast of Vietnam visiting the beaches of Vietnam. We went for two days to a not very touristy place called Long Hai. Then we went to more famous beaches like Mui Ne, where we spent 2 days between beaches and dunes and finally we arrived at Nha Trang, where we spent 3 days of relax with a boat tour included. Here I tell you about our experience:

Visiting the beaches of Long Hai

We ended our expedition to the Mekong Delta and took a bus northbound stopping at Long Hai. Some tourists had advised us about it because of its “relaxed beach and its incredible micro climate“.

We arrived in the afternoon and spent two nights in Long Hai of which we did not see a single tourist. Not much to do either, really. We spent one day hallucinating how people looked at us. They pointed at us from afar and greeted us sympathetically with laughter. It was nice not to see any tourists for a couple of days and see what a village in Vietnam is like. However, we still don’t understand why the advice to go there…

Central Coast of Vietnam

The spectacular dunes of Mui Ne

In Mui Ne we stopped by chance due to transport problems with the bus. We liked it and in the end we stayed two nights in a hotel touching the beach and with swimming pool for 8 euros the double room.

It was full of tourists who were going to see the famous red and white dunes. There is also a curious fishing village that is worth a visit and quite a few hippie bars where you can go for a beer in the evening. The days in Mui Ne were as entertaining as fate would have it. After two days of relaxing we left, but only because it was time to move on.

Central Coast of Vietnam

Tour around the beaches of Nha Trang

We took a 4-hour bus to Nha TrangAccording to Lonely, it’s one of the most touristy cities in Vietnam and, of course, with the most partying. We spent there 3 and a half days, divided between night party (Halloween) and boat tours to the nearby islands. The day tour around the islands was not very spectacular, but for only 5 euros it was worth it.

What has surprised us the most in what we took on the trip is the party theme. It’s not easy to find nightlife in Vietnam but when you find it it’s worth it. It’s quite funny to see the Vietnamese jumping around like crazy, sweating their guts out, throwing water on themselves in the bathrooms and encouraging you to dance with them. Actually, they all seem very friendly and nice. But they always forget to apologize if they step on you or push you.

Central Coast of Vietnam

Trip from Nha Tranga to Hoi An

After a week visiting the central coast of Vietnam, enjoying its beaches and above all leaving quite satisfied of Mui Ne and Nha Trang, we continue our way to do the north of Vietnam. Next stop: Hoi An, which is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of Asia.

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